Spring weather can be very unpredictable, what should I wear

Spring weather can be very unpredictable. Is it going to be warm and sunny? Chilly and breezy? Or both? What should I wear?

Either way, we've got great gear to keep you comfortable in a variety of conditions. Moisture management is key to staying warm in the cold and cool in the heat. When cycling, we heat up and cool down frequently during a single ride.
Jura Cycling, arm warmers, and leg warmers are made with soft, wicking, quick dry and performance fabric to keep you dry and comfy in unpredictable weather conditions. The fabric releases sweat to the outside which evaporates into the atmosphere so that the garments don't remain wet and unpleasant against the skin.

Wondering what to wear as you set out on the road or trail this Spring? Try these items:

Cool and cold conditions- Jura long sleeve jacket with Jura short sleeve jersey  as a layer underneath. Bibless cycling shorts with Jura cycling leg warmers. (When it's cold out, a face mask feels good!)

Cool to start, warms up- Jura short sleeve jersey with arm warmers. Bibless cycling shorts. Once you're warm, the Jura arm warmers tuck quite comfortably into the rear pockets on our jerseys.

Warm and sunny- Jura short sleeve jersey. Jura bibless Short shorts. Sunscreen!

Enjoy the ride!


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